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HongBo's pistons are made with tough and durable rubber for all pressure,available in single-acting and double-acting in variety sizes for most pumps,especially in,
☆Long-life Bonded Piston with Rubber and Fabric.
☆Long-life Bonded Piston with Urethane.
☆Long-life Bonded Piston with NBR.
All the above pistons and piston rubbers,which are ideally suitable for either oil-base or water-base muds,can be ensrued universal interchanged ability,Max service life and Min liner wear.When you have a chance to examine them,you will not be surprised to agree that Max Running at Min Cost.HongBo also offers the relevant piston rubbers made of Rubber with Fabric,NBR,and Urethane.
HongBo Bonded Dual Hardness Piston:
With pump pressures reaching 2000-7500+ psi and new synthetic muds introducing more corrosive chemicals, HongBo discarded the design forced by rubber's limitations and took full advantage of urethane's strengths to realize a revolutionary design. HongBo Bonded Dual Hardness Piston is engineered to outperform any piston currently available and delivers.
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