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Product name


Product description

Rated input power   324kw(440HP)
Max. stroke per minute   400 stroke/minute(400SPM)
Stroke           152.4mm(6″)
Gear Ratio         4.578:1
Max. operation pressure(220 stroke/minute) 28Mpa
Valve chamber        Valve-Over API 4#
Max. liner dia.        4 1/2″
Max. liner mud pressure(220 stroke/minute)16.9Mpa
Dia. of suction manifold, 6″      (150#) Flange
Dia. of discharge manifold     3″(900#) Flange
Dia. pinion shaft    95.25 mm(3.75″)
Key           22.174x15.9mm
Dimension:(No included base), 2479X1219X1103 mm
Weight          4463 kg

ⅡStructure character

The pump is compact structure, small volume, lightweight, integrated herringbone gear pair, large transmit torque and smooth run.  Crankshaft is welding forged and light weight without libration.
HBEWS-440 Single-acting Triplex Pump can be used widely in oilfield operation. Liner size from 31/2"---41/2" is better-adopted piston structure for workover operation and low well drilling operation while plunger structure for liner size from 2---31/4" for high- pressure operation. 
Power End
Frame  Frame is weld structure and anneal treatment is adopted to release weld stress to improve rigidity and strength.. Bearings of crankshaft and main bearings are strengthened with ribs.
Crankshaft   Large gear rim, pitmen and bearings are installed on the crankshaft, Gear type of large gear rim is integrated herringbone. Inner hole of large gear rim and crankshaft are interference match, and are fastened with bolts & lock nuts. Large ends of pitmen are installed on the three eccentric axils of crankshaft through single-raw short cylindrical roller bearings. While small ends are installed on the crosshead pins through double raw long cylindrical roller bearings. Crankshaft is supported by two double raw annular ball bearings.
 Pinion shaft    Pinion shaft is forge alloy steel. There is a herringbone gear, which is middle hardness. In order to easy to repair, single raw long cylindrical roller bearing is adopted, which is no baffle. The two ends of pinion shaft extend to outside of the shell and pulley can be installed on each end of it.
Crosshead  Crosshead is spherical graphite cast iron and has good wear resistance performance. Top and bottom guide plate are adopted, and concentricity can be adjusted through bottom plate plus spacer. Connection between crosshead and central pull rod is flanged connection, which is pin-matched hole. This rigid connection can ensure concentricity between central rod and crosshead. The central rod is connected with piston rod through hub and this light hub can ensure reliable connection between them..
Fluid End
Fluid end Cylinder is alloy steel forged. Through structure design, which is valve on valve, can reduce cylinder volume and improve volume efficiency , Cylinder surface can be coated nickel to improve its corrosion resistance performance.
Valve Assembly  API 4# valve is used for F-440 mud pump. Suction valve discharge valve
Liner and Piston  For mud pump with piston structure, liner & piston size from 3 1/2"、3 3/4"、3 1/2"、4"、4 1/4"、4 1/2" and piston rod is conform to API 7K SA-2. For mud pump with plunger structure, liner & piston size from 2"、2 1/4"、2 1/2"、2 3/4"、3" . Outer diameter of liner for all sizes is same and liner is fixed with cylinder through square liner head and bolts. Seal between liner and cylinder is rectangular rubber washer. 
Suction outlet There are suction outlets on both end of suction pipe and to be connected with 6″ASME 150 flange with O-ring 185X7.
Discharge outlet 3″ASME 900 flange is adopted on discharge pipe and gasket is R31.
 Lubrication System
 Pressure lubrication combining splash lubrication is adopted for power end. Pressure oil pumped by gear oil pump in the oil tank is transmitted to crosshead, middle pull rod, crosshead guide and bearings through lubrication pipe line. Working condition of gear oil pump can be watched from pressure gauge in the back of the frame.  

Ⅲ Performance parameter table


Relational table between discharge capacity and pressure
Liner dia. in 3 1/2 3 3/4 4 4 1/4 4 1/2
Discharge pressure
MPa 27.9 24.3 21.4 18.9 16.9
psi 4045 3523 3130 2740 2450.5
 per minute
Input power  
Discharge capacity L/s
 per  minute
220 324 440 10.41 11.95 13.58 15.34 17.2
200 294.4 400 9.46 10.86 12.34 13.8 15.62
180 265 360 8.514 9.774 11.106 12.42 14.06
160 235.52 320 7.57 8.69 9.876 11.04 12.5
100 147.2 200 4.73 5.43 6.17 6.9 7.81
1 1.472 2 0.0473 0.0543 0.0617 0.069 0.0781

Mechanical Efficiencyη=90%,Fill factorα=100%,Volume Efficiency:100%

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