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Hongbo’s HTP-400 Pump is a lightweight,rugged,versatile unit that it denotes High Performance with original rating of 400 horsepower.The pump has best performance in fracturing,acidizing,cementing,and sand and water control work with high pressure and great hydraulic power,smooth and steady,little vibration and noise.

The power end case is built in both left-and right-hand configurations.Internal parts,including the proven worm/ring gear sets,are identical,only the case is different.Power ends can be fitted with any of the five sizes of fluid ends–3 3/8”,4”,4½”,5”and 6”plungers–each with characteristics suitable for specific applications.

Power end components:
•Case and Drive Gears:Power End cases are manufactured exclusively by Halliburton in both leftand right-hand models.They are made of high-strength weldments of Halliburton design.They are not interchangeable.
•Crankshaft:Heat-treated steel forgings are used to manufacture crankshafts.All cranks are the same,even for left-and right-hand units.
•Connecting Rods:Connecting rods are made from aluminum forgings.The identical rods are internally drilled to provide lubrication to the crosshead pins.
•Crossheads:Crosshead bodies are made of heat-treated steel alloy castings.They are fitted with replaceable,high-leaded bronze shoes on both top and
•Lubrication:Standard self-contained power end lubrication system is pressurized by an internal crescent gear-type pump driven off the end of the worm gear.Positive pressure lubrication is supplied to the crosshead slides,gear support bearings,crankshaft throws and crosshead pins.
•Cooling:Tube-and-shell coolers are optional add-on components,which provide remote cooling capacity.The HTP-400 pump can be fitted with radiator-type,air-to-oil or water-to-oil cooling systems as well.Spacers are special components designed to separate the fluid end from the power end of the HTP-400 pump.The interchangeable spacer insures that fluids being pumped do not contaminate the power end and cause premature failures.
Each fluid end package is manufactured from three separate chambers–all identical and completely interchangeable.If one chamber of a fluid end should cause trouble,it can be changed quickly and the pump returned to duty.
Fluid End components:
•Chambers:The fluid end is constructed from three separate but identical forged and heat-treated chambers.Fluid ends can be supplied in any of five plunger sizes and each size can be fitted to the standard power end without alteration of either fluid or power end.
•Valves and valve seats:Fluid ends are fitted with replaceable,carburized valves and seats of Halliburton design and manufacture.Most of the valve assembly parts are interchangeable between suction and discharge ports within a given size and some are even interchangeable between sizes.
•Lubrication:A separate lubrication system supplies lubricant to the fluid end package.

Each HTP-400 pump undergoes rigorous testing before it is placed in service.Fluid end chambers are tested individually to pressures far beyond the anticipated operating pressures and then tested again when they are assembled into three-chamber fluid ends.A third test is performed after the fluid end is attached to the power end assembly.
Power ends are submitted to equally rigorous testing in a Halliburton test facility.Pumps are run for over an hour at various speeds and at various pumping pressures before they are installed on a unit.After the unit is completed,each pump is further tested during the unit checkout.

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